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Easy to find; Hard to Implement!
Our Services

Our competitive advantage:  
We have access to committed industry experts from many different domains and geographically spread out throughout the country.
Our level of quality of service is tremendous compared to other similar services.
We are a dedicated mentorship firm, offering every ‘Keen Inkling’ its own rapt designer.
With our unique features within every Keen Inkling package, we guarantee you will be operating your idea in less than 90 days!
  1. Keen Inkling Package
    Our Keen Inkling Package offers the below listed custom solutions to guarantee your success!
    Customized Business Plan creation. Customized Business Proposal template. Sales & Marketing Strategy for your Inkling. Tax Strategy for the first year. Free training on partnering with corporations. Free training on working with Government Agencies. Technology plan for Business Systems setup & maintenance. Dedicated virtual session with industry experts (CEO s etc.) Personalized guide book based on expert advise.
  2. So what's the Plan?
    Every successful business / idea needs to have well drafted plans. We write the following plans for your idea/ business.
    Marketing Plan Operational Plan Management and Organization Plan Startup Expenses and Capitalization Plan Financial Plan (incl. Tax Plan)
  3. Cross the Barriers
    Every entrepreneur comes across a few challenging barriers that need to be crossed to establish success. We offer our hand to help you cross these...
    o High capital costs o High production costs o High marketing costs o Consumer acceptance and brand recognition o Training and skills o Unique technology and patents o Unions o Shipping costs o Tariff barriers and quotas
  4. Tackle the Changes
    Change has become the norm, but its still hard to deal with. We help you tackle these changes by establishing your finish line past these changes...
    o Change in technology o Change in government regulations o Change in the economy o Change in your industry
Making your ideas a reality